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Best Home Remedy For Acne Scars On Face

Last updated on February 26, 2019

Acne also known as Pimple is the most common skin problem especially among the youngsters. Though it is very common problem, finding the best home remedy for Acne or Pimple removal is not that simple. If you do the google search then there are thousand of home remedies available for removing acne and acne scars. But, there is no single remedy that work best for everyone. Infact, in almost all cases, the remedies turn out to be trial and error method only.

Next, the biggest problem we face at the time of using these home remedies is – None of these treatment works for both- Acne and Acne Scars. But, you will be happy to know that this remedy will work for both acne and dark spots caused by the acne. Further, this remedy should be such that it works for everyone and give positive result in a short period of time.

If you are looking for the one best home remedy for acne and it’s scars on face then this post will help you. Here, in this article, I will share that best way.

Trust me, this home remedy for acne will definitely work for you. I am sharing this remedy after trying almost all available home remedies and acne removal creams.

Note: In order to see the positive impact of this remedy, we strongly suggest using this for at least 15 days. After 15 days, you will start observing changes on your face.

Potato Ice Cubes For Acne Scars

Raw Potato not only help you in removing acne but also brighten your skin tone. Raw potato are rich in catecholase and have bleaching properties which help you in removing dark spots caused by acne.

Next, cold ice cube will shrink the size of your acne and gradually it will get removed from your face.

How To Make Potato Ice Cubes For Face?

It is very easy to make potato ice cubes for your face. All you need is one peeled potato and follows below steps to make Potato Ice Cubes.

  1. Peel a Potato
  2. Cut down Potato into Pieces
  3. Put Potato pieces into mixture and blend it properly to make Potato Juice.
  4. Next, pour potato juice into ice tray and freeze it well.

That’s it. After few hours, your Potato Ice Cubes for face is ready.

For better result, we strongly advised to use lemon and pomegranate along with potato. You can add them before blending potato into juice.

LemonĀ  and Pomegranate are rich in Vitamin C and thereby it will help in treating your acne.

Hence, Potato, Lemon, Pomegranate and Cold Ice Cubes will be a good combination to cure your acne and remove dark spots created because of acne on face.

That’s it. Now, daily use one ice cubes on your face for at least 15 days and after 15 days you will start observing result on your face.

It is also advisable to wait for 10 to 15 minutes after rubbing ice cubes and before washing your face.

At last, please do not forget to leave your feedback below in the comment box. Let the other readers known whether this technique work for you or not? We will be happy to listen you.

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